Resolve Business Disputes Fairly

Resolve Business Disputes Fairly

Turn to partnership dispute attorney Butler in Westwood, MA

Business partnerships are a great thing, but sometimes the closest business relationships encounter issues. In some instances, partners may even break their own agreements with one another, causing major issues for their business. In times like these, the Law Office of Joseph G Butler can help.

Attorney Butler has practiced business litigation in Westwood, MA for decades. He has helped business partners work through their legal issues to get the best results for all parties. With his help, your business partnership can be fixed or ended, depending on your needs.

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Issues that may lead to business litigation

There is a wide range of events that could result in legal action between business partners. Just a few scenarios include when a partner:

  • Leaves to start a competing company
  • Leaves the company and takes clients with them
  • Uses the business as leverage for outside self-interest
  • Makes crucial business decisions without their partner's input
  • Fails to keep their partner informed about major business issues

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