chapter 11 bankruptcy in Westwood, MA

Save Your Business From Closing Its Doors

File for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Westwood, MA

Creating and maintaining a profitable business is extremely hard. If you're struggling with your business's finances, consider filing for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the Law Office of Joseph G Butler in Westwood, MA.

We've been helping business owners across Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 1985, so we know all the ins and outs of bankruptcy law. Schedule a consultation with our bankruptcy attorney today to discuss your situation.

3 ways a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help your business

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can't create revenue for your business, but it can help in other ways. By filing for bankruptcy, you can get help:

  1. Selling assets to pay off debt
  2. Rejecting unfavorable leases and contracts
  3. Reorganizing your business to make it more viable

Is your business on its last leg? Meet with our bankruptcy attorney right away.